Ajay Gupta

IEEE-CS TAC MemberAtLarge (2017 - )
IEEE-CS TMRC Member (2013 - )
IEEE-CS TAC Vice-Chair (2015-16)
IEEE-CS TCPP Chair (2011-2015)

Director, WiSe Lab
Graduate Program Director

Western Michigan University
Dept. of Computer Science
Mail Stop 5466
4601 Campus Drive
Kalamazoo, MI, 49008-5466

Phone: 269-276-3101 / 3104
Fax: 269-276-3122
E-Mail: ajay dot gupta at wmich dot edu

Honors, Contributions, Awards, and Grants

Academic Honors

* Senior member of the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, 2005.

* Awarded David Ross Fellowship, Purdue University, 1988

* Recipient of Addison and Wesley Award for the best academic performance at University of Cincinnati, 1984

* Distinction in Actuarial Exam, part-2, 1984

* Merit Scholarship at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, 1977-1982

Research Awards, Patents and Copyrights

* One of the top highly cited authors at Western Michigan University, 2016.

* Wireless Monitoring System and Communication Device for Blood Glucose Monitoring, provisional patent, 2009.

* Honorable Mention Award for the poster paper entitled “Lightweight Intrusion Detection for Sensor Networks” (with V. Bhuse and L. Lilien), 7th Annual CERIAS Information Security Symposium, March 2006.

* Best Paper award in the algorithms and applications area at International Conference on High Performance Computing, 1996. Paper entitled "Adaptive Integration Using Evolutionary Strategies" by Ajay Gupta, Elise deDoncker and Garrison Greenwood.

* ParInt 1.0 Release, A Software Package for Parallel and Distributed Multivariate Integration. Copyright, United States Copyright Office, The Library of Congress, 1999.

Selected Grant Fundings

* NVidia GPU Education Center Grant (with S. Bae, E. de Doncker and J. Kapenga), 2016-2017.

* National Science Foundation Grant: "Student Outreach Support Activities at TCPP Sponsored Conferences," with Trilce Estrada-Piedra, 2015-2017.

* National Science Foundation Grant: "IEEE IPDPS Conference Student Participation Support," with B. Hong, 2014.

* National Science Foundation Grant: IEEE-TCPP Travel Awards, 2012.

* The US Army Tank-Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) Grant: “CBM Analysis and Monitoring of Army Ground Vehicles using Real Time Sensor Network,” with C. Fajardo, M. Ghantasala, D. Kujawski, and W. Liou, 2008-present.

* Michigan Universities Commercialization Initiative Grant: “Continuous monitoring Wireless and Communication Device for Blood Glucose,” with M. Ghantasala and W. Liou, 2008-2010.

* Department of Education, Congressional Award: “Smart Wireless Sensor Networks,” 2003-2004.

* National Science Foundation Grant: "Algorithms: Distributed Multivariate Integration in a Problem Solving Environment," with E. deDoncker, K. Kaugars and A.Genz, 2002-2007.

* National Science Foundation Grant: "Distributed Integration Algorithms and Applications," with E. deDoncker and A. Genz, 2000-2002.

* Western Michigan University Grant: "Computational Science Center," with E. deDoncker, K. Kaugars, A. McGurn and D. Qei, 2001.

* National Science Foundation Grant: "Parallel and Distributed Integration Algorithms," with E. deDoncker and A. Genz, 1994-1997.

* Automotive Diagnostics Grant to develop software for analysis of automobile ignition signals, with R. Trenary, 1995

* Technical Training Grants from the Indian Council of Agriculture Research and the Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, 1995.

* IBM, Rochester Grant: for Development of Simulat ors for Formal Specification Languages, with T. Piatkowski and F. Severence, 1991. (Amount $70,000.)

* IBM, Owego Grant: for Development of Formal Spec ifications for the Ada Rendezvous, with T. Piatkowski and L. Lander, 1991.

* INTEL University Partner Program, with A. Boals, N. Sherwani, and K. Williams, 1990.

* National Science Foundation Grant: for undergraduate research, with J. Kapenga and N. Sherwani, 1990.

* Grant to asses the feasibility of an Engineering Design Institute from the State of Michigan, with T. Piatkowski, M. Kerstetter, et. al.