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Advancements in low-power electronic devices integrated with wireless communication capabilities and sensors have opened up an exciting new field in computer science. Wireless sensor networks (WSN) can be developed at a relatively low-cost and can be deployed in a variety of different settings.

A WSN is typically formed by deploying many sensor nodes in an ad hoc manner. These nodes sense physical characteristics of the world. The sensors could be measuring a variety of properties, including temperature, acoustics, light, and pollution. Base stations are responsible for sending queries to and collecting data from the sensor nodes.

The research opportunities at the Western Michigan University Wireless Sensor Network Laboratory are very exciting. Many new applications are being developed, but there are lots of challenges imposed when trying to get a large number of resource-constrained devices to work together.

If you have questions about our research, feel free to stop by the Wireless Sensornets Laboratory (WiSe Lab) in room B-213 on the Parkview Campus. You may contact Dr. Ajay Gupta at ajay.gupta@wmich.edu.

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