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CS 1120 – Computer Science II   (with C#)

 Fall 2007

Dr. Leszek T. Lilien

Department of Computer Science

Western Michigan University


Lecture Notes


9/4/07--Lecture 1:   Introduction and Overview

Lecture 1a:   Syllabus

Lecture 1b:   C# Refresher Notes (courtesy of Ms. Adawia Al-Alawneh) —  best viewed with Mozilla Firefox browser

                     Practice Program I  (redundant to links inside C# Refresher Notes)

                                 Practice Program II (redundant to links inside C# Refresher Notes)

Lecture 1c:   Visual Environment  in .NET – Writing Your First Program —  best viewed with Mozilla Firefox browser

Lecture 1d:   Worksheet I (courtesy of Ms. Zille Huma Kamal)

                     Test data for Worksheet I  (redundant to a link inside Worksheet I)


9/6/07--Lecture 2:   Review of CS 1110 notes (slides courtesy of Dr. Donald Nelson)

Lecture 2a:   Control Structures

Lecture 2b:   Types and Passing Arguments

Lecture 2c:   Arrays

Lecture 2d:   Sorting and Multi-subscripted Arrays


9/11/07--Lecture 3: Cont. review of CS 1110 notes (slides courtesy of Dr. Donald Nelson)

Lecture 3a:   Classes

Lecture 3b:   More on Classes

Lecture 3c:   Operator Overloading

Lecture 3d:   Strings and Characters

Lecture 3e:   Exceptions and File Processing


Note:    The PDF versions of source documents (e.g., PPT) are provided on this Web page for a quicker access. However, in some cases a PDF version of slides is not the same as the PPT source version.


9/13/07--Lecture 4:

Lecture 4a: Cont. - Lecture 3e

Lecture 4b: Recursion (PPT, PDF)

Lecture 4c: Object-Oriented Programming: Inheritance (PPT, PDF)


9/18/07--Lecture 5:

Lecture 5: Cont. Lecture 4c


9/20/07--Lecture 6:

Lecture 6: Cont. Lecture 4c


9/25/07--Lecture 7:

Lecture 7: Object-Oriented Programming: Polymorphism, Interfaces & Operator Overloading (PPT, PDF)


9/27/07--Lecture 8:

Lecture 8: Cont. Lecture 7


10/2/07--Lecture 9:

Lecture 9: Exception Handling (PPT, PDF)


10/4/07--Lecture 10:

Lecture 10: Review for Exam 1


10/9/07--Lecture 11:

Lecture 11: Cont. Lecture 9


10/11/07--Lecture 12:

Lecture 12: Strings, Chars and Regular Expressions (PPT, PDF)


10/16/07--Lecture 13:

Lecture 13: Cont. Lecture 12


10/18/07--Lecture 14:

Lecture 14: Cont. Lecture 12 (Regular Expressions)


10/23/07--Lecture 15:

            Lecture 15: Files and Streams (PPT, PDF)


10/25/07--Lecture 16:

Lecture 16a: Cont. Lecture 15

Lecture 16b: Data Structures (PPT, PDF)


10/30/07--Lecture 17:

Lecture 17: Cont. Lecture 16b


11/1/07--Lecture 18:

Lecture 18: Cont. Lecture 16b


11/6/07--Lecture 19:

Lecture 19: Cont. Lecture 16b


11/8/07--Lecture 20:

Lecture 20: Review for Exam 2


11/13/07--Lecture 21:

Lecture 21: Searching and Sorting (PPT, PDF)


11/15/07--Lecture 22:

Lecture 22a: Cont. Lecture 21

Lecture 22b: Big Oh Notation (PPT, PDF)


11/20/07--Lecture 23:

Lecture 23: Generics (PPT, PDF)


11/22/07--Lecture 24:




11/27/07--Lecture 25:

Lecture 25: Collections (PPT, PDF)


11/29/07--Lecture 26:

Lecture 26: TBD


12/4/07--Lecture 27:

Lecture 27: TBD


12/6/07--Lecture 28:

Lecture 28: TBD


12/10/07 (Monday)—FINAL EXAM – 8:00 a.m. – 10 a.m.


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