CS 6910: Pervasive Computing—Spring 2007

Slides and Announcements

Prof. Leszek Lilien

Department of Computer Science

Western Michigan University


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Slides and Announcements


Section 0.A -- Introduction to Pervasive Computing

Required reading (paper used for slides):

M. Satyanarayanan, “Pervasive Computing: Vision and Challenges,” IEEE Personal Communications, 2001

Available at:  http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~aura/docdir/pcs01.pdf


Section 0.B   -- Opportunistic Networks: Specialized Ad Hoc Networks for Emergency Response Applications

                     -- Opportunistic Networks: Animation for Emergency Application

Required reading:

Section 4 of the paper:  L. Lilien, Z. H. Kamal and A. Gupta, "Opportunistic Networks: Research Challenges in Specializing the P2P Paradigm," Proc. 3rd International Workshop on P2P Data Management, Security and Trust (PDMST'06), Kraków, Poland, September 4-8, 2006, pp. 722-726.


Optional reading – esp. for students interested in a project on privacy and security in pervasive computing/oppnets:

L. Lilien, Z. H. Kamal, V. Bhuse, and A. Gupta, "Opportunistic Networks: The Concept and Research Challenges in Privacy and Security," book chapter in: Mobile and Wireless Network Security and Privacy, ed. by K. Makki et al., Springer Science+Business Media, Norwell, Massachusetts, 2007 (to appear)

[Pre-publication copy available from me upon request]


Announcement (1/26/07)

Up to 5% of extra course credit for innovative pervasive computing scenarios (announced in class on 1/25).

Up to 7% of extra course credit for innovative pervasive computing scenarios using oppnets (added on 1/26 here).



Note:  The corresponding sections of the textbook are the required reading for all lectures based on textbook (starting with Section 1).


Section 1 (Ch. 1) -- Introduction to Wireless and Mobile Systems


Section 2 (Ch. 2) -- Probability, Statistics, and Traffic Theories (just a few slides)


Section 3 (Ch. 3) -- Mobile Radio Propagation (some details skipped)



Announcement (2/17/07)


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Section 4 (Ch.4) -- Channel Coding and Error Control (some details skipped)


Section 5 (Ch.5) -- The Cellular Concept


Section 6 (Ch.6) -- Multiple Radio Access


Section 7 (Ch.7) -- Multiple Access Techniques (some details skipped)


Section 8 (Ch.8) – Traffic Channel Allocation


Section 9 (Ch.9) – Mobile Communication Systems


Chapters 10 – 12 have been omitted.


Section 10 (Ch.13) – Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks

Note:  Since the final exam is just a few days after the last lecture, the material required for the final exam ends on (and includes) Slide 58 of Section 10.


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