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CS 1110 – COMPUTER SCIENCE I   (with C#)

 Spring 2008

Department of Computer Science

Western Michigan University


Instructor :          Dr. Leszek Lilien                      Office:        CEAS B-249

Home page:        http://www.cs.wmich.edu/~llilien/

Office Hours:     M 4:15 – 5:15 p.m., W 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.


Lectures :            MW 2:30 – 3 :45 p.m. (C-224)

Class pages:        (incl. this page)



Email:  llilien@cs.wmich.edu

Email requirements for  L. Lilien

Please send e-mail to me only in important and urgent matters. I can’t and will not handle other messages.


Only messages conforming to the following requirements will be read by me (other may end up in the spam folder):

a) Sent from a WMU account - ending with “wmich.edu” (of course, this includes accounts ending with “cs.wmich.edu”).

b)            Each message must have a descriptive subject preceded by the indicated prefix:

CS1110-S08--<your last name>: <descriptive subject here>

    For example, subjects of John Smith’s messages must be as follows:

CS1110-S08--Smith: <descriptive subject here>

c)  Attached files must be scanned with up-to-date anti-viral software, and the message including them must contain the following statement:

                I have scanned the enclosed file(s) with <name of software,

                its version>, which was last updated on <date>.

where <date> should be today’s date. (You should have the habit of updating your anti-viral software daily!)



General Course Information (incl. Syllabus):       



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