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CS 5700 - Computer Security and Information Assurance — Fall 2010

Announcements and Slides

Prof. Leszek Lilien

Department of Computer Science

Western Michigan University


Class Web Pages:

Syllabus - main page: index.htm

Detailed course outline: outline.htm

Announcements and slides (this page): announcements+slides.htm





Lecture Slides

Old versions of lecture slides

These slides are in most cases very similar to the slides I use in class. They can be viewed on the page: Slides and Announcements for  CS 5950: Computer Security and Information Assurance—Spring 2007.

This page includes also:

1) Information on free software for document conversion to the PDF format.

2) Midterm exam from Spring 2007 (contents of ours might differ, depending on what is covered in the lecture this time).

3) Links to example exams from even earlier offerings of this course.



New versions of lecture slides (as used in class)

Lecture slides will be made available online for the class



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