CS 5950/6030: Network Security - Fall 2005


Requirements for Term Project Presentation and Final Report

Prof. Leszek Lilien

llilien@cs.wmich.edu  (Note “cs”, please!)

Department of Computer Science

Western Michigan University


In the Requirements, I wrote:

In addition, I encourage that you include Appendices with a level of detail/length far exceeding that of presented in the Lab Steps section. Appropriate Appendices—with clear and descriptive titles—should be referenced from the Lab Steps section(s).  They may include your detailed lab logs, etc.

A bit more on appendices.

If total length of all report Appendices (or Appendix) exceeds 30 pages, in the hard copy provide only summary of the appendices (the appendix). Submit only electronic copy of the full-length appendices. (Of course, electronic submission must include the full text of the hard copy as well, which means that it will include both summaries and full texts of appendices.)


Electronic copy


Electronic copies of your presentation slides (or “movie”) and reports  should be submitted to me on Read-Only CDs (CD-Rs).