CS 5950/6030: Network Security - Fall 2005

Prof. Leszek Lilien

Department of Computer Science

Western Michigan University


Project Reports, Presentations, Etc.


All report files are 2005 by their prospective authors and Leszek T. Lilien.

Requests to use them for non-profit purposes will be gladly granted upon a written request (email requests included).

The directory accessible by this link includes project info for the following projects:

P2)      Attacks-Web Server, Email, DOS and Trojan Attacks

P4)      Hardening the Host Computer

P6)      Securing Network Communications 2: Certificates, SSL, and IPsec

P7)      Preparing for and Detecting Attacks 1: Log Analysis and Intrusion Detection

P8)      Preparing for and Detecting Attacks 2: Honeypots, Spyware, Backing Up and Restoring

P12)    Projects proposed by students:

Implementation of the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange

Note 1:

Some of the files (esp. pre-recorded video presentations) are huge (one has 120 MB!).

Note 2:

If you use any of these reports, you must give credit to their authors as would be the case with any other publication.

You need to list:

1)       the authors,

2)       the title,

3)       the following text:

Project P<number>, CS 5950/6030: Network Security, Fall 2005, Prof. L. Lilien, Department of Computer Science, Western Michigan University, November [or: December if timestamped so] 2005.