September 08, 2015 - If You Build It (with pizza) They Will Come

The Computer Club hosted a workshop for dual booting Unix and (typically) Windows on Saturday, September 5. About a dozen CS2230 students attended with several most helpful Club members.



As I said in email afterwords:

FIRST – thanks to you all for taking the time. Once more, I get to tell people who moan about ‘kids nowadays’ that they are simply wrong. 

and even more so, 

THANKS to Computer Club members who took time on a Saturday.

Sam, Cade, Scott, Robert and especially to Joe Hagan who organized this and made it happen.

Today is the first time we have done this before the semester and I am sure it will pay off for us all. Thank Joe whenever you see him or call him at WIDR during his “Cup of Joe” show.

There were predictably Idiosyncrasies with a Surface possibly being insurmountable. Various shenanigans involving UEFI, Secure and Fast Boot, Grub , partitioning required individual help. 

It is never easy. 

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